GNHWPCA Large Diameter Pipe Cleaning Program

LDI Cleaining Photo

GNHWPCA’s large diameter sewer pipes range from 30 inches in diameter to 84 inches in diameter. Most of these large diameter sewer pipes are main interceptor sewers located in the City of New Haven that transport combined flow to the ESWPAF for treatment. Periodic cleaning of these interceptor sewers is required to remove sand, grit, rocks, and other heavy debris that can accumulate in the pipe over time.


Work crews clean the pipe using high pressure water hoses, cleaning heads and vacuums to extract the debris. Video cameras are also used to inspect the pipe prior to and post cleaning of the sewer pipes. As such, residents may see activities related to the large diameter pipe inspections for several weeks leading up to the actual cleaning of the pipes.

Notices will be provided to residences and establishments in advance of any large diameter sewer cleaning work on their street.

Click this Large Diameter Sewer Cleaning Projects link to view locations where large diameter pipe cleaning projects are being implemented and when.


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