Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority

Update: As of Friday, April 11th, Steam Testing is Complete

The GNHWPCA will be releasing steam from its waste heat recovery steam turbine at the East Shore Water Pollution Abatement Facility (ESWPAF) located at East Shore Parkway on Thursday, April 3rd and possibly again on Friday, April 4th.

A rumble noise will be accompanied with a steam plume. The GNHWPCA wants to alert everyone that this activity presents no danger to the neighborhood and that it may be mistaken for smoke and reported as a fire. The GNHWPCA has distributed door hangers in March to the local neighborhood (Woodward and Kneeland) behind the plant.

This testing is not the standard operation and will not be present during normal day to day operations but is necessary to verify all the equipment is functioning properly. The start-up testing which involves the planned release of steam accompanied by a rumbling sound will be limited to these days.

Upon start-up, the project will generate approximately one-quarter of the treatment plant's electrical needs for the foreseeable future. This will not only save our customers money, but will also produce electricity from a renewable fuel source. For questions related to this project, please contact us at (203) 466-5280 ext. 222. Please remember, in a sewer emergency, contact (203) 466-5260.

Thank you.