Construction Alerts

Updated August 11, 2014


Yale Campus/Trumbull Street Area Sewer Separation

Phase 2A

North of Trumbull Street Area


Construction for the Sewer Separation Project North of Trumbull Street begins with utility relocations.


  • GAS UTILITY RELOCATIONS ON LINCOLN STREET & PEARL STREET TO BEGIN ON OR AFTER AUGUST 11TH:The relocation of gas mains and services along Lincoln Street, North of Trumbull Street, and Pearl Street between Lincoln Street and State Street is scheduled to begin on or after August 11th. Work is tentatively scheduled to commence at the intersection of Lincoln and Pearl Streets and head South to Bradley Street where it will connect to a recently installed pipe serving The Academy. Once that portion is installed, the work will continue East on Pearl Street to State Street. Installation of the 2" plastic main should take about 1 to 2 weeks.

    Sections of the roadway will be closed to all but local traffic during the daytime and will open to traffic at night. The trenches in the roadway will be patched as the work progresses.

    Starting in late August or early September, gas customers along the route will be contacted and appointments will be made to move their gas service from the old gas main to the new gas main.

  • TRUMBULL STREET COMBINED SEWER OVERFLOW CLOSED - As a result of the recent sewer separation work within the Trumbull Street & Prospect Street areas, GNHWPCA was able to close a combined sewer overflow on Trumbull Street. Combined sewer overflows send a mixture of stormwater and sanitary sewage to the storm drains during heavy rains to prevent sewer backups into buildings as the sewer pipes are overwhelmed with stormwater. After monitoring the flows in the sewer and stormdrain pipes post construction, it was determined that the sewer separation project was successful and that the overflow was no longer needed. As subsequent separation projects are implemented, additional combined sewer overflows will be evaluated for closure.

  • PHASE 2A SEWER SEPARATION PROJECT INCORPORATING COMMENTS FROM PUBLIC MEETINGS - As a result of public information meetings held at The Peabody Museum and with neighborhood associations, GNHWPCA and the City of New Haven are updating various design elements of the project to accomodate the public's input. The discussions surrounding the use of green infrastructure along with the grey pipes in the ground was well received. Locations for bioswales are being re-evaluated and details are being updated. While this collaborative effort may have pushed the start of the separation project back, the results should be a better final product.


Please drive, bicycle or walk cautiously and allow extra time to reach your destination.


Thank you for your patience as we work to improve the environment for future generations.


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