GNHWPCA is committed to providing our customers complete and detailed information regarding account billing and activity.

You can complete the form online or download the packet and then either mail, fax, or email the form and supporting documentation to our customer service department.  Please refer to the Account Review Request Checklist for instructions.

Complete Form Online:
In order for us to better serve you, please complete the online request form to the right and click “submit”. Please provide all documentation necessary to complete the review, including but not limited to copies of Regional Water Authority bills, waste adjustments, repair bills, proof of fire, confirmation of irrigation systems, etc.

Download Form:
Customer Account Review Form Packet (PDF)

Mail Forms To:
Attn: Customer Service

260 East Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Fax Forms To:

Fax: 203-776-2196

Email Forms To:

Disclaimer: Please note that this review process does not extend payment due dates, nor does it prevent collections activity. Accounts under review and/or in dispute are subject to standard payment guidelines (refer to Customer Rights). This review process does not guarantee account adjustments.

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