The Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority (GNHWPCA) funds and maintains a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) to ensure that its sewer systems are reliable, safe and efficient while at the same time contributes to protect the environment. Funding for the CIP is provided through the following sources: GNHWPCA’s annual operating budget, revenue bonds, grant reimbursements and grant/loan programs provided by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Projection (DEP) along with other incidental projects required by state agencies such as the Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT.)

In this section, you will find detailed information on major construction projects currently underway in the GNHWPCA Service Area. The information will provide project purpose and description as well as GNHWPCA contacts. (project descriptions from intranet projects page “community description” )

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Project Location

Yale University, Old Campus, 301-399 College Street, New Haven, CT 06511, USA

Solicitation Status: Awarded
Project Phase: Construction
Pre Bid Meeting Date: 05/22/2013
Bid Date: 07/23/2013
Notice to Proceed: 03/03/2014
End Date: End Date

Project involves upgrades to the secondary treatment equipment to improve nitrogen removal. New centralized odor control facility is being constructed. Much of the electrical system at the treatment plant will be replaced. Solids handling facilities will be upgraded.
Budget: $44,000,000


NITROGEN REMOVAL: Process modification to the existing treatment works including the addition of a new supplemental carbon facility. ODOR CONTROL: Consolidation of the existing odorous air loads to a centralized chemical scrubber facility and demolition of the distributed treatment systems. GRAVITY THICKENING & STORAGE SLUDGE: Rehabilitation of the existing gravity thickening and sludge storage facility and the addition of a new 440,000 gallon sludge storage tank. ELECTRICAL UPGRADES: Replacement of the existing service entrance gear, medium voltage substations, and motor control centers throughout the plant. Replacement of selected control systems with Allen-Bradley PLC-based systems and migration of the existing controls onto a common platform

Project Group:
Town Of Project:
New Haven
Special Instructions:


Project Manager:
Mario Ricozzi
Project Manager Address:
260 East Street
New Haven, CT 06511
203-466-5280 extension 321
Project Manager Email:

Contract Duration

Project Documents

130523 Addendum 1 - 00 00 01 CWF 2010-01 WWCINR Addendum No 1.pdf 130628 Addendum No 5 dated June 28 2013.pdf NH Ph1 Drawings Vol V-B_SealedSigned.pdf
130607 Addendum 2 - WWCINR Addendum No 2 - Part 1 of 2 (1).pdf 130703 Bid Document Distribution Log 7-3-13.pdf NH Ph1 Drawings Vol V-A_SealedSigned.pdf
130607 Attachments to Addendum No 2 replacement drawings - Part 2 of 2.pdf 130709 Addendum No 6 dated July 9 2013.pdf NH Ph1 Std Dets Vol III Bid Docs-Signed_407000.pdf
130613 Addendum 3 - WWCINR New Haven Addendum No 3.pdf 130717 New Haven Addendum No 7 dated July 17 2013.pdf NH Ph1 Drawings Vol IV-A_SealedSigned.pdf
130619 Addendum No 4 - NHaven WWCINR Addendum No 4 1of2 Addendum etc.pdf NH WWCINR Bid Documents, Vol I, Specifications.pdf NH Ph1 Drawings Vol IV-B_SealedSigned.pdf
130619 Attachments to Addendum No 4 2of2 Drawings.pdf NH WWCINR Bid Documents, Vol II, Specifications.pdf