Auto-Pay Program Information
GNHWPCA offers a convenient way to pay your sewer bill automatically. The Auto Pay program is an easy, fast, and safe way to pay your bill without writing a check.

How does the Auto Pay program work?
The Auto Pay program lets you authorize the payment of your sewer bill directly from your checking account. The plan ensures that your payment will be made timely, avoiding interest penalties. It also means that you save on check charges, postage, and time.

What if I decide the Auto Pay program is not for me?
Simply notify our Customer Service Department and we will immediately discontinue your enrollment.

How do I enroll in the Auto Pay program?
Just complete and return the form linked below, we will do the rest. It does not take long to see the convenience and benefits of the Auto Pay program.

* Please be sure to include copy of voided check.

GNHWPCA Auto-Pay Enrollment ACH Application Form