Fat, Oil, and Grease Removal

FOG Alert! Grease is bad for the sewers. Keep out!

When “Fats, Oils and Grease” (FOG) are poured or washed down the sink, they travel down the drain and stick to the wall of the sewer pipe. Over time, the grease accumulates and can cause a blockage that impedes the flow of sewage down the pipe. Blockages are problematic as they create back-ups into people’s homes and raw sewage overflows onto public streets. This exposes people to public health hazards that can easily be avoided.

How should you dispose of FOG?

Do not pour grease down the drain. Let’s put FOG where it belongs by following these easy steps:

Step 1 – Cooking Oil Disposal
When finished cooking, let the oil cool and pour it into a container, such as a coffee can. Then simply throw the container in the garbage can for disposal.

Step 2 – Greasy Pans
Prior to washing greasy pots and dishes, wipe clean with a disposable towel.

Step 3 – Fat Trimmings
Do not put fat trimmings down the garbage disposal, rather put them in the trash.

By following these easy steps, sewers can be kept clean and blockages can be avoided. Let’s work together so we can prevent a public health hazard.