The Department of Finance and Administration is responsible for maintaining all financial records for the Authority, and for the custody and disbursement of the Authority’s funds.

Accounting—Operates and maintains the Authority’s financial information system, develops and produces financial reports, maintains the General Ledger, Processes accounts payable checks and posts all revenue received by the Authority.

Wage/Benefit Administration— Administers the weekly payroll for all employees of the Authority.

Budget—Coordinates the development of the annual operating budget and monitors the budget on a monthly basis.

Audit—Works with the Authority’s external auditors in providing the necessary information and documentation in the preparation of the Annual Report.

Purchasing—Responsible for the processing and proper approval of purchase requisitions and for generating purchase orders.

The Engineering Department provides efficient, cost effective management to support design and construction of capital projects on behalf of the Authority's rate payers.

Within the four member communities, the Department oversees a variety of projects such as wastewater treatment facilities, pump stations, forcemains, gravity sewers and cured-in-place pipe lining.

The Department is responsible for implementation of the Authority's Long Term Control Plan and managing its Capital Improvement Program. We manage professionals assigned to capital improvement projects which support these programs along with maintaining its own list of in-house design and construction assignments.

Engineering provides plan reviews and technical guidance related to sanitary sewer systems submitted for approval to ensure compliance with Authority standards. In addition, the Authority provides quality assurance through field inspection and consultation during construcion.

Along with these responsibilities, the Engineering Department also maintains a Geographical Information System (GIS) which maps our entire sanitary and combined sewer system within the four member communities.

This information provides our municipal partners, contractors, developers, and rate payers with reliable mapping information to support historical inquiries along with planning and construction of projects of all sizes.

The Operations Department directs and coordinates the operations of the GNHWPCA facilities. These facilities include the wastewater treatment plant, pump stations and the sewer collection system.

The operations of the facilities includes the following activities, Operations, Maintenance, Collections, Lateral Connection Inspection, Laboratory, Industrial Pretreatment, High Strength Surcharge, Septage Disposal, Incineration, Outside Sludge Disposal, Fats Oil and Grease Disposal and Waste Heat Recovery for electrical production. The facilities are monitored under two main categories —Regulatory Compliance and Contract Compliance.

Regulatory Compliance maintains operation of the facilities within State and Federal regulations in addition to the GNHWPCA Sewer Ordinance. The facilities are governed by, in addition to the regulations, specific permits.

Contract Compliance seeks to operate the facilities within the respective contracts.