New Construction / Development

The GNHWPCA has developed documents, guidelines and forms that are necessary to initiate and complete projects within the member communities. Whether you are a developer, builder, architect, engineer or homeowner, you will need to familiarize yourself with these documents before you start your development and/or project.

The GNHWPCA maintains a GIS system along with an archive of historical and contemporary maps, connection cards, record plans, easements and other detailed information that may help you successfully plan, research and complete your project. In order to obtain these documents please email the Sewer Superintendent’s office at:

Permitting and Design Criteria Manual
The GNHWPCA Permitting and Design Criteria Manual provides guidance for the design and construction of laterals and sanitary sewer facilities constructed within the member community service area. The GNHWPCA owns, operates, and manages the service area’s wastewater system in a manner that protects the environment, ensures public safety, and protects both private and public property from damage.

Included within this document are submittal requirements and procedures for issuance of Plan Approvals and Permits, and the requirements and procedures for design, inspection, testing and final acceptance of sanitary sewer facilities.

All sanitary sewer systems shall comply with the requirements of this Manual, the Authority’s Standard Specifications and any special criteria established by the Authority as may be necessary.

Standard Specifications
This specification is required and is reference within all GNHWPCA construction projects. Any individual, firm or corporation formally submitting a Proposal for any Authority Project must have in their possession a copy of the Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority Standard Specifications dated September 2017 (as amended).

This document can be obtained upon payment of Once Hundred Dollars ($100.00) from the Engineering Department through the Director of Finance and Administration located at 260 East Street, New Haven, Connecticut, 06511. Please note that these specifications are amended on a regular basis. Registered Vendors (Vendor Portal) will be notified when updates to this document occur. If you have any questions, contact the Engineering Department at 203-466-5280.

Standard Details
The GNHWPCA provides the most commonly used standard details for sanitary sewer projects free of charge in both pdf and AutoCAD formats. Please note that the standard details may updated from time to time.