Standard Details

Trench Excavation and Backfill Description Effective Date
SD205-01: DWG PDF Trench - Main September, 2008
SD205-02: DWG PDF Trench - Lateral September, 2008
SD205-03: DWG PDF FM and Main - Same Trench June, 2008
SD205-04: DWG PDF Trench Storm Drains and Culverts June, 2008
Pavement Description Effective Date
SD406-10: DWG PDF Overlay Trans Existing Pavement June, 2008
SD407-01: DWG PDF Temp Pavement Local Roads June, 2008
SD407-02: DWGPDF Temp Pavement Collectors June, 2008
SD407-03: DWG PDF Perm Pavement Local Roads September, 2013
SD407-04: DWGPDF Perm Pavement Collectors June, 2008


Sewers Description Effective Date
SD512-02: DWG PDF Anchors for Steep Pipes June, 2008
SD512-05: DWGPDF Brick Sewer Connections June, 2008
SD512-10: DWG PDF Std Sewer Lateral Connection January, 2010
SD512-11: DWG PDF Std Clean Out June, 2008
SD512-12: DWGPDF Clean Out in Paved Areas June, 2008
SD512-13: DWG PDF Precast Chimney - Sewers < 30" March, 2009
SD512-14: DWG PDF Precast Chimney - Sewers >= 30" March, 2009
SD512-20: DWG PDF Backwater Valve June, 2008
SD512-21: DWG PDF Sewer Connection from FM June, 2008
SD512-22: DWG PDF Concrete Cradle June, 2008
SD512-23: DWGPDF Concrete Encasement June, 2008
SD512-24: DWGPDF Trench Dam Detail September, 2013
SD512-30: DWG PDF Plug Lateral - Excavation Method June, 2008
SD512-31: DWGPDF Plug Lateral - Trenchless Method June, 2008
SD512-32: DWG PDF Plug Pipe at Manhole June, 2008
SD521-01: DWG PDF Std Sewer Point Repair March, 2013
SD523-01: DWG PDF Precast Sewer Manhole January, 2010
SD523-02: DWGPDF Manhole Base Precast Insert December, 2008
SD523-03: DWG PDF Doghouse Manhole Base December, 2008
SD523-04: DWGPDF Typical Manhole Frame & Cover March, 2013
SD523-05: DWGPDF Manhole Grading Ring June, 2008
SD523-06: DWG PDF Manhole Steps January, 2010
SD523-07: DWG PDF Std Watertight Manhole Cover March, 2013
SD523-10: DWGPDF Drop Manhole 2-5 Ft Drop March, 2013
SD523-11: DWG PDF Drop Manhole > 5 Ft Drop March, 2013
SD523-12: DWGPDF Connection to Existing Manhole January, 2010
SD523-13: DWG PDF FM Connection to Existing Manhole December, 2008
SD523-14: DWGPDF >Doghouse MH Over Brick Sewer June, 2016
SD523-15: DWG PDF Permanent Manhole Abandonment September, 2013
SD523-20: DWG PDF >Manhole Cover Raising March, 2009