West River Watershed Management Plan

GNHWPCA Partners with the Community to Protect the Environment

Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority

The West River Watershed Coalition recently applied for a greenway designation for the West River watershed and has been accepted as a designated greenway by the Connecticut Greenways CouncilThe West River Watershed Coalition was formed two years ago and is made up of individuals from many different organizations who envision safe, clean water with enhanced public access and recreation opportunities for the West River. See below for the list of organizations.

Once a site is designated as a greenway, the area will receive special signs to post at trailheads and road crossings and be included in future plans for greenway development.  The greenway designation was supported by municipalities and organizations which have control in the watershed.  They are New Haven, Hamden, Woodbridge, Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority and the South Central Regional Water Authority.

Along with the Greenway designation for the West River, a watershed management plan has also been developed by the coalition.  The document is a watershed-based plan for the West River to guide future uses and protections. The watershed plan provides a blueprint to help groups within the watershed work across municipal boundaries to better protect and restore water resource conditions throughout the watershed.

Objectives of the watershed plan include identifying specific actions to protect and improve water quality, facilitate capacity-building and engage the watershed municipalities and other stake holder groups in the watershed planning process and future plan implementation, create a plan that satisfies EPA and CTDEEP requirements for watershed-based plans. This will better position the West River for future grant funding from State and Federal sources.

These important accomplishments show the value of everyone working together to protect the environment and make it a better community to live in.  Learn more about the West River watershed management plan at: http://www.ct.gov/deep/lib/deep/water/watershed_management/wm_plans/west/westriver_techmemo1.pdf

WEST RIVER WATERSHED COALITION PARTICIPANTS: Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School, CARE (Community Alliance for Research and Engagement), Columbus House, Common Ground/New Haven Ecology Project, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Elm City Cycling, Friends of Beaver Pond Park, Friends of Edgewood Park, Greater New Haven BioRegional Group, Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority, Greater New Haven Water Works Coalition, Lehigh University, Menunkatuck Audubon Society, Mill River Watershed Association, NAACP, Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven, New Haven Department of Parks and Recreation and Trees, New Haven Environmental Justice Network, New Haven Land Trust, New Haven Health Department, Save the Sound/ CT Fund for the Environment, Solar Youth, South Central Regional Water Authority, Southwest Conservation District, Urban Resources Initiative, West River Neighborhood Services Corporation, West River Restoration & Flood Mitigation Committee (Woodbridge), West River Watershed Partnership, Westville Village Renaissance Alliance

Take Green Infrastructure Survey!

Take Green Infrastructure Survey!

Please click link below to access online survey on green infrasturcture.  The information collected will be used to gain more of an understanding of how green infrastructure and citizens interact- how much is known about it, how people feel about it, and what are the most effective incentives for citizens.


Customers can now Register for their own Account Portal


GNHWPCA Responds to Customer Requests for Online Payment Option

GNHWPCA is excited to introduce its Customer Account Portal (CAP), an online system, which allows customers to view their account information, current bill, or to make a payment. Customers now have a greater variety of options to pay their bill either online, or by phone (IVR Auto-Attendant), in addition to the traditional methods (Mail-In, Walk-In, or Alternate Payment Locations). Please note that the CAP has replaced the former online bill payment option available via Webster Bank. Customers now choosing to pay online will be required to initially register in the new Customer Account Portal, even if they have been previously paying their sewer use bill online via the Webster Bank link. Instructions for using CAP have been detailed in the newsletter, SewerWorks, (see page 2) which accompanies our initial 2015 mailed billing statements.

  • The online and phone system accept credit cards (Master Card, Visa, American Express & Discover), Debit Cards, and Electronic Checks (E-Checks—you will need your bank routing number and account number from either your checking or savings account).
  • Coming Soon is the Auto-PAY option!! With that option, customers may enroll to have their payments drawn from a specified account on the due date of the current bill.

GNHWPCA is pleased to bring this new value-added service to our customers. The convenience of these options provides our customers with the ability to access their account information and to view and pay their bill 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.


Vendor Portal Users Must Change Password !

Vendor Portal Users Must Change Password !

The GNHWPCA is pleased to announce the rollout of our refreshed website.  As part of this process, if you haven't done so recently, prior to your next log-in, we ask that you, as a registered vendor, please re-set your password through the Vendor Portal log-in page of the website.  You should follow the instructions for FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? or FORGOT YOUR USERNAME?  Although passwords have changed, you're My Projects profile should still be in tack. Please feel free to send your questions to Engineering@gnhwpca.com for assistance. Thank you.

Steam Turbine Testing at East Shore Water Pollution Abatement Facility

Steam Turbine Testing at East Shore Water Pollution Abatement Facility


Update: As of Friday, April 11th, Steam Testing is Complete

The GNHWPCA will be releasing steam from its waste heat recovery steam turbine at the East Shore Water Pollution Abatement Facility (ESWPAF) located at East Shore Parkway on Thursday, April 3rd and possibly again on Friday, April 4th.

A rumble noise will be accompanied with a steam plume. The GNHWPCA wants to alert everyone that this activity presents no danger to the neighborhood and that it may be mistaken for smoke and reported as a fire. The GNHWPCA has distributed door hangers in March to the local neighborhood (Woodward and Kneeland) behind the plant.

This testing is not the standard operation and will not be present during normal day to day operations but is necessary to verify all the equipment is functioning properly. The start-up testing which involves the planned release of steam accompanied by a rumbling sound will be limited to these days.

Upon start-up, the project will generate approximately one-quarter of the treatment plant's electrical needs for the foreseeable future. This will not only save our customers money, but will also produce electricity from a renewable fuel source. For questions related to this project, please contact us at (203) 466-5280 ext. 222. Please remember, in a sewer emergency, contact (203) 466-5260.

Thank you.