Smoke Testing Alert

GNHWPCA Smoke Testing Alert

Project SSR 2022-04: Westville-Whalley Sewer Study Smoke Testing

Project Area: New Haven-Westville Area: Along Whalley Ave, Fountain St, Valley St and connecting streets from Emerson St to W. Rock Ave (WARDS 25,27)

This project consists of conducting investigative analysis in the Westville area to identify potential source of extraneous water that discharge into the sanitary sewer system. This will include blowing white smoke into the sanitary sewer lines in the street and observing/recording where the smoke leaks out. This will help identify cost effective measures that the GNHWPCA, the City, the CTDOT, and the Community can take to help mitigate and manage exisiting and climate related increases in stormwater flows into the sanitary system.

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Testing Start: Late March 2023

Duration: Four (4) Days of Testing

Schedule: Mon-Fri from 8 am to 5 pm