2021 GNHWPCA Environmental Stewardship Award

Frank Panzarella honored with the 2021 Environmental Stewardship Award

GNHWPCA 2021 Environmental Stewardship Award
Sid Holbrook, GNHWPCA Executive Director (left) Clayton Williams, GNHWPCA Vice Chairman (center) present the GNHWPCA Environmental Stewardship Award to recipient Frank Panzarella (right) on Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2021.

The Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority (GNHWPCA) has recognized Frank Panzarella for his service to the community and the environment with the first annual GNHWPCA Environmental Stewardship Award.

Frank, as part of the New Haven Bioregional Group, has provided training through demonstrations of installations and best practices for controlling stormwater pollution.  Frank and the New Haven Bioregional Group have given out over 300 rain barrels in the last few years.  Frank has been doing this work with the GNHWPCA for the last 5 years.  Vice Chairman Clayton Williams said, “This is a well-deserved recognition for a person who is engaged in so many other aspects of the community and he finds the time to improve the environment.”  Sid Holbrook, Executive Director said, “Frank exemplifies the type of work that brings together the environmental, social and economic wellbeing of the greater New Haven area.”  Franks devotion to the rain barrel program can be seen in his YouTube animation video of “The Rain Barrel Song”.  The Rain Barrel Song – Animation

In keeping with the GNHWPCA Mission and Strategic Plan goals which support Green Infrastructure through community activities, education, and implementation, the GNHWPCA recognizes individuals, groups and organizations that provide environmental stewardship in our region by working to improve the water quality.